By Steve Byler

Don’t burn the candle at both ends. This is the synopsis of Steve Byler’s life nowadays. As a business owner and church pastor, he knows what it’s like to burn out, and he discusses his hardships in this talk from the 2022 Shed Builder Expo. Through his three keys to flourishing and effectiveness, Byler takes on the challenges that emotional fatigue caused him and his business while laying the groundwork on how to overcome and predict such issues within life and business.

Part 1: Know Yourself

In this clip, Steve Byler highlights all three of his keys to flourishing while also going in depth on the first key: Know Yourself.  In his own words, Byler expresses how each individual must know themselves inside and out in terms of their attributes while also expressing their own value based priorities.

Part 2: Slow Yourself

Steve Byler goes into depth on his second key to flourishing, Slow Yourself, in which he details ways to regulate oneself so that stress and burn out don’t occur on a regular basis.

Part 3: Grow Yourself

In the final key of Steve Byler’s talk at the 2022 Shed Builder Expo, he highlights ways in which to grow oneself and to not stay stagnant in life so that you can flourish as a person.