By Phil Falls

In this seminar from the 2022 Shed Builder Expo, Phil Falls, founder and CEO of RTO National, details the abilities and advantages that technology has afforded his company, but also details ways in which it can work for you and your business. Along the way, Falls explains the opportunities that technology offers to improve the advancements within the shed industry.

Part 1: The Beginnings of RTO and Technology

In this clip, Phil Falls explains the upbringing of RTO National and the effects that technology had on influencing the company’s core.

Part 2: Technology Basics within the Shed Industry

Falls goes over the ins and outs of technology, from the basics to how tech companies within the shed industry can benefit haulers, builders, and many more.

Part 3: Q/A with the Audience at the 2022 Shed Builder Expo

Finally, Falls goes over questions from the audience regarding shed industry technology and the companies that influence the technological trends in the industry.