Exhibits, Inc. provides a comprehensive list decorating services including labor, furnishings, signage and much more
beyond what is included with your booth. Order additional services directly from Exhibits, Inc. Pricing, ordering and
contact details included in the Exhibitor Kit.

To order electricity, first try this link, Greater Richmond Convention Center (richmondcenter.com). It will take you to the Utilities ordering page. Just put in the dates for our event and it’ll take you to the next prompt. Or, as a last resort call (804) 783-7330.

Freight can be shipped and stored up to 30 days in advance of The Expo (subject to posted terms and rates). Read the details of Exhibits, Inc.’s policy and pricing. Pre-printed shipping labels are contained in this download information. Additional points of contact also included.

This document explains why insurance is required to exhibit and what coverage limits are needed in a policy. Speak with your insurance agent for details. Most insurance agents can walk you through this process and will generate a COI (Certificate of Insurance) for you. However, if you are without insurance coverage, we found a large insurance provider that will write a short-term policy just for the time spent at ShedBuilder Expo. Click and Download Explanation above for more information.

Please forward a Certificate of Insurance by July 31, 2022 to ShedBuilder Expo, c/o Boltres & Company, LLC, P.O. Box 782, Ada, MI 49301, or via email to: [email protected]. Attached is an example with certificate holder and additional insureds information in red type. This information in red type must appear on the certificate that you submit. Learn more about our insurance requirements here.

You must reserve the handheld badge scanner from ATS (American Tradeshow Services) with the downloadable form (attached above). One unit is provided at no charge to every exhibitor. Provide a credit card in case of unlikely damage to the unit. With this unit you will be able to generate a list of everyone whom you speak with during the show. Type notes right into the handheld unit for each conversation you have. Print out your entire list of contacts later from the ATS website.

List staff who will be working your booth on this form so that a badge can be created prior to arrival.

Use this Expo ad bug logo design in your advertising, on your website or any other communication. Let your customers know that you will be exhibiting at ShedBuilder Expo ’22.