September 29

8 a.m. Grand Gallery AB

The Legal Side of RTO

Ed Winn, Attorney

The NBSRA is excited to present one of its favorites to the attendees of the Shed Builder Expo! We hope that this session will give insights into the legal side RTO. You have an opportunity to learn and interact with an attorney that has well served the RTO side of the shed industry for many years.

8 a.m. Grand Gallery CD

10 Core Commitments for Success in the Shed Industry 

Charles Hutchins, Shed Coach/Shed-N-Carport Pro

This session will offer tips for improving sales and customer relationships and personal development tips, plus tracking success and activities.

8 a.m. Grand Gallery EF

Allocations … It’s Here to Stay

Erica Goodnight, Union Grove Lumber

Allocations were a new way of product purchasing in 2021, and the “new world” is here to stay. So, bring your calendar and learn how to properly navigate allocations from siding, flooring, trim, and dimensional products … and beyond! Make allocations WORK for you!

9 a.m. Grand Gallery AB

Online Challenges & Opportunities in 2021 and Beyond

Brandon Schmidt, YDOP

This session will look at the rising challenges facing shed builders, dealers, and suppliers on Google from local and national competitors. We will discuss how to set up your Google profile, website, and online advertising to gain an edge and grow your business online.

9 a.m. Grand Gallery CD

Introducing Standards to the Shed Industry

Jeffrey Huxmann, Shed Hub

The shed industry is currently littered with hundreds of numbering systems unique to each manufacturer – there is no standard—until now. The SHIN, or Shed Hub Identification Number, provides the ability for all members of the shed industry, from manufacturers, sellers, haulers, rent-to-own companies, and software vendors to all participate in this new open standard.

September 30

8 a.m. Grand Gallery AB

Accurately Presenting Rent-To-Own

Tanner Leibee, NBSRA Advisory Board Member

Are you a salesperson, a manufacturer, or a driver? The most common difficulties and misunderstanding among rental customers begin at the sales lot. Come hear real time stories and solutions of how to present rent-to-own in accurate, valuable ways. The NBSRA is sponsoring this seminar and has a passion to equip sales managers, dealers, drivers, and others with the right strategies to answer the many questions in the RTO world.

8 a.m. Grand Gallery CD

Making Sales Easier & Less Expensive

Jordan Miller, IdeaRoom

In addition to flexibly adapting to market volatility, adding a configurator to your website can bring you more sales at a fraction of the cost. This talk will discuss current market challenges, the value of highly qualified leads, and how to enhance sales cycle efficiency.

9 a.m. Grand Gallery AB

Color Trends for the Shed Industry 

Ruthanne Hanlon, PPG

Typical uses for sheds have changed, as well as their colors. Whether it be sophisticated palettes for a backyard studio, colorful hues for playhouses, or complementary colors to coordinate with a new home or exterior renovation. Offering colors beyond the standards appeals to customers, generates interest and helps to increases sales.

9 a.m. Grand Gallery CD

How to Successfully Sell Sheds Online

Bob Oxley, The Shed App

This seminar will cover the critical concepts in each of these phases and present best practices for successful online shed sales.