Get a Grip on Your Business

Many people start their own business with the dream of having some autonomy and independence for themselves and their families. A few years in, they discover that the business is dictating their lives and they find themselves at a loss for how to manage the gripping demands of entrepreneurship. In this session, we will provide an overview of a process for how to recover control of your business and your life.

Steve will be presenting this seminar between 8-8:50 am on Wednesday, September 27th

Five Foundational Leadership Abilities

Do you feel stuck in your business? Every leader, department and business hits a ceiling at various stages of growth. Some businesses fail, some simply plateau while others consistently break-through and continue their growth trajectory. Discover the five leadership abilities that you must master in order to successfully lead your business through these various stages of growth.

Steve will be presenting this seminar at 8-8:50 am on Thursday, September 28th